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  20 Quick Ways To Meet New Potential Clients

  1. Existing network of current and past clients
  2. Friends and people in your database (email list)
  3. Weekly cold calls
  4. Talking to new people while shopping or running errands
  5. Referrals
  6. Analytic Report
  7. Meet Up Groups
  8. Targeted Trade Associations
  9. Non Profits
  10. Networking groups
  11. Professional groups or associations your clients belong to
  12. Places where people in your niche spend time
  13. Workshops and seminars
  14. Partnerships and strategic alliances
  15. Free classes that you offer
  16. Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  17. Online forums and Ning sites
  18. Doing what you love (volunteering, book clubs, biking, clubs)
  19. Radio, newspapers, and TV
  20. Alumni groups